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Narrowboat 'One Moore' at the 1998 Evesham River Festival.


One Moore was built in 1974 by Lines Fabrication, Harlaston Road,      Northampton. Trade name Sandpiper. A 40ft Cruiser style Narrowboat. She was originally designed as a 3/4 birth but we now use her as a 2 birth. She has been in private hands from new. Lines continued to trade until 1981, building some 21 boats. They then went into liquidation. One Moore was fitted out by Lines as from new. When we bought the boat it was called TOGOBO made up from the initials of the previous owners family. Terry Olds, Garry Olds and Beryl Olds. We renamed the boat ONE MOORE in October 1995 when we purchased her. Our previous boat, a 25ft cruiser was called Just The One and this was, well, One Moore. We also live at Moore House.

Engine Situated under the rear deck a Lister 1986 STW2M built. Number 3600054 STW 3C09. Supplied by Peter Thompson of Uxbridge. The engine is fitted with an LH150 gear and reduction box. The engine has a self contained water system originally cooled with raw water pumped through a separate heat exchanger and then through a Haylard exhaust system. In 1999 this was taken out and a keel cooling system installed. This had the benefit of increasing the temperature to a more engine friendly and economical running 76c, rather than the 50c with raw water.

Fuel is supplied via two 30 gallon diesel interconnected tanks.

Batteries Two sets of batteries both contained within boxes of polypropalene. Engine batteries are 2 x 12 volt coupled together. The service batteries are 4 x 6 volt coupled to produce 12 volts in total. Both sets are maintenance free.

Water System Polypropalene tank by A.J.Plastices. of 100 gallons. Pumped by Shurflo pump fitted with Jabasco Accumulator Tank. There is a separate Whale Gulper pump for the extraction of shower water from the shower tray. A Paloma Automatic Gas Unit heats the water in the galley, bathroom and shower.

Gas Two PRO13KG (orange) bottles are contained on the rear deck in their own compartment.

Electric There is a 240volt system fitted that runs throughout the boat.

Galley Fitted in 1999 a new Stoves Vanette GG2200 oven grill and a Stoves Vanette 4000/2 Hob. The original Full size Valor Courier cooker fitted from new finally gave up after 21 years and would not pass the BSC. A gas/12v/240v Electrolux RM12 is fitted. The Paloma water heater is fitted in the galley by the sink.

Sitting Room Originally fitted with a three seater settee/berth, fixed to the bulkhead and a removable hammock type berth above. This was changed in 1996. The fixed settee was removed (this will be reinstalled when the boat is sold) and two freestanding leather chairs were installed. This area also contains the Villager Wood Burning Stove, although we use compressed coal and keeps the boat very cosy in the cold weather. There is a shelved unit which holds the colour TV, fruit bowl, lamp, books etc. A Desmo table position is in the center of the floor. We have two tables of differing sizes and two supports of different heights.

Bathroom Contained on one side of the boat is the shower/toilet ,(Porta Potti), area. Lined in white polypropalene complete with doors. On the other side is a vanity basin, with cupboards below. Doors fold across the boat so that the whole area can be private.

Bedroom Situated at the stern end of One Moore was originally a pull out settee/double bed. In 1996 we converted to 2 fixed single beds, one on each side of the boat. By simply turning round one of the single beds the double bed can still be used if required. There is a small wardrobe and shelf containing the radio and TV.

Security The boat has double doors, stern and bow, both fitted with Vale type locks. When away from the boat 2 metal grills are fitted to the outside and secured with heavy duty locks. The stern door also has an internal metal bar to prevent the doors being kicked in.

Foredeck Lockers to both sides which double as seats and a put up table. Shore connection to the 240v is situated here. In the bow is a locker for additional storage and this also contains the water tank. The Cratch area is covered with a fold up/removable top.


         Inside looking forward, aft and the whole boat.

Sorry about the quality of the 3 photo's above, I didn't take them!

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