Mayor of Evesham Charity Photographic Auction


Punters examining some of the lots 386 lots

Intense concentration during the bidding

The Mayor attends to the computed projected images of each lot, as guest professional auctioneer Steven Bruce does a fantastic job in maximising the bids

Mayoress, Mayor, Steven Bruce, Mayor and Mayoress of Worcester

Some 20 years ago the Mayor started a collection of photographic items in his shop, That Camera Place. Over the years many items were donated to the collection and they were displayed in the shop. In early 2004, the shop was refitted and the collection had to be mothballed. The Mayor decided to sell the items and donate all the proceeds to charity. Everybody involved in the auction gave there time and expertise free of charge. The total raised was 1260.00. A magnificent amount. The Mayor would like to thank all those who donated to the collection over the years and considers the auction a very worthwhile outcome, to photo items that otherwise would have been kept in boxes. Many if the items were purchased by collectors who will display and appreciate them.