Presentation of cheque to DART

Raised by attendees of the Great Internet Gathering 2004

On board the DART barge, in refit. A total of 140,000UKP is needed to complete the project.

L-R Andrew Goodland (aka Captain Beeky), Mayor of Evesham, Mike Knott and Eunice Tunstall (Boat Finder Brokerage), Mayoress of Evesham and Paul Treble (Chairman Disabled Afloat Riverboat Trust)

In August 2004, about 100 narrowboat enthusiasts gathered for the 9th annual Great Internet Gathering (GIG), at Barton Turns, on the Trent and Mersey Canal.  Each year money is raised for charity during the weekend gathering. This year the committee decided to nominate Disabled Afloat Riverboat Trust as one of the supported charities. The other being Lichfield and Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust. DART is also a nominated Charity of the Mayor of Evesham.

The Mayor and DART, are grateful to all those contributed to the magnificent sum of 1024.56

Apart from those above, donations were received from -  Boaters Phone Company, Michael Stimpson Insurance, Lee Sanitation, River Canal Rescue, Road Pro, Oxley Marine, That Camera Place, All My Own Work, Steve Haywood and Connie Evans

The hardworking GIG committee - Will Chapman, Andrew Goodland and Wendy Dyke

During the Mayoral year we raised quite a bit more - Click Here to see how much

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