Evesham in Flood

July 21st 2007

"After the Easter floods in 1998 it couldn't happen again, could it"?


Last night we were taken from our house, as were the rest of the residents in
our street, by the fire brigade. We were not in any immediate danger but the
water was rising so fast, they feared the vehicles would not be able to get
down the street an hour or so on. Helicopters got several people away from
caravans and houses only yards from us. We were all taken to the local
leisure centre, where we met about 450 like effected people. Food and hot
drinks were provided and a mat. Little Holly took all this in her stride,
even being taken away from mum by a fire-fighter, during transportation from
fire truck to centre. My son lives in Evesham, one of the dry bits and came
to collect us and take us to his flat. Claire's Brother also lives in
Evesham and Claire and Holly spent the night with him. After something to
eat and a glass or two of red wine, we slept, sort of till 5.30am this morning.
The rain had stopped and it was quite bright. We decided to head for home.
Down the back lanes, across a field, through a hedge, over our neighbours
gardens and onto our drive. Wonderful, the water was about half way up the
drive and LT was still bobbing about, albeit, now off her rising poles and
over land. Identical to 1998. Having spoken to the man in charge at the
council, this is much, much worse than 1998. Half the county seem to be
under water. We enter the house and suddenly realise, the water is rising
again. We sit and watch, nothing can be done. LT is moving back and forth,
fast. Ironically, I think the river is helping her by pushing her towards
the hedge and out of the very strong flow. 2 boats either side of her are
tilting badly. It's now 10am and the water is coming in the house. The
garage flooded first and now the kitchen is under water. The water is
actually coming up through the floor as well as under the doors. It's very
slow, quite surreal. Will switch off the lecci downstairs. We have got
everything upstairs that we need. It can't come up that high can it?, no,
no. Feeling tired, emotional. Must stay positive. More later today, I hope.


It's just got serious again. The river is still rising, slower than before,
but rising all the same. We have been told that the bridge just up from us
is in real danger of collapse and we should get out. Our neighbour is of the
same view, so we are off. We can get out up the back garden which is still
dryish, but we will get wet getting through the patio. LT is still OK, still
doing her rocking back and forth movement. We have seen dozens of caravans,
all in bits going down the river. Even fridges and freezers!

Many thanks for all the messages of support, both here and direct.

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