Evesham in Flood

July 20th 2007

"After the Easter floods in 1998 it couldn't happen again, could it"?

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'LT' is our much loved narrowboat Lord Toulouse, that only returned to Evesham in early July, after 9 years on the English canals


At the height of the flood the water came up to the green man's eyes (See next page) - Normal view

Pershore Road


As I sit and write this the River Avon is coming up in heavy rain right
across the midlands. Parts of Evesham, Pershore and Tewkesbury are in flood
and the M5 motorway is closed, although I am not sure quite where. This
morning at 8am or so I went across to LT now moored in Evesham ( moving her
back was not the best decision after all! ) and put on more ropes and retied
the others that are attached to rings on rising poles.

At this point the rain started to come down heavier and I left the computer
to attend to other matters.


Back again. The road outside my house is now closed. Roads out of Stratford
upon Avon to Evesham are closed. The river has come up about 6 feet in the
last 6 hours. I have now tied an extra rope to the lamppost about 4 foot
above the pavement and the level of the 1998 floods. I have also put an
extra rope on the stern, now attached to the gate at the top of the mooring.
It's all happening so fast. The mooring is now covered in 2 feet of water
and I can no longer get to the boat. I can hear Police sirens in the
distance. It is still raining very hard. It's happening all over again. Only
difference this time is, it's daylight and we have experience on our side.
The ring main for the downstairs sockets are clearly getting damp, as the
trip has, well, tripped. Might happen for the rest of the system, who knows.
My daughter in law has been let off work early, most of the local business
are doing that for their staff.

Will check in later if poss.



Just gone 7pm and the water is now lapping the bottom of our drive. LT is
still OK, but the river is getting higher all the time. It's never come up
this quickly before. The road that separates our house from LT is now a
river in it's own right, I estimate about 2 feet deep. I can no longer get
to her as the flow will be too much. Lets hope the ropes I have put on will
hold. Have restored power to the house ground floor, problem was an outside
socket that has now been isolated. We have moved all furniture and
irreplaceable stuff we can upstairs. There are at least two cruiser type
boats, possible 3 that are goners, just up the river from our house. The
emergency services are around, they have asked if we need any assistance,
for the moment we are OK. We understand the helicopter is arriving any
minute to take off residents from a water stranded caravan park. That park
is only about 200 yards from us on the riverside. The 3 houses on the river
opposite our house must be close to flooding by now. Claire, our daughter in
law and Holly, granddaughter, are staying with us tonight as they cannot
get back to Worcester, where their house is. Thank goodness, our son phoned
and said their house, which is not far from the river, is fine. Oh, and it's
still raining hard and if the forecasters are right will do so for another
5-6 hours. Evesham, we understand is now cut off. That's all for now, will
keep you posted. All I can do is watch, it's horrible, I feel so helpless.


It's now got serious! We are about to be evacuated from the house. The water
is much further up the drive and we must take the advice of the
professionals. The helicopters are buzzing around constantly rescuing people
from nearby caravans, we don't want to end up in one of those.

Say a prayer for LT, she can't go with us.


Evesham Leisure Centre

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