Trip Reports 1995

I have kept a log of what we did, where we went and what happened from the first day we owned One Moore (called Togobo when we bought her). Click on the links below to read about a particular trip or, scroll down for the whole of my log, warts and all. There are links to photographs as you go. the HTD figures are 'Hours to Date, starting when we left Bugbrook on the first trip. This later changes to the figures from the onboard hour clock.

Passage to Evesham – Bon Voyage!!

30th September 1995

PM – Wendy met the Ps’, Teddy and Barbara at Canal Craft, Bugbrook and paid the balance of the money to take possession of ‘Togobo’. Food, bedding, deck chairs etc. loaded on board PPM – Having returned to return the car and collect Andrew and Brian, Ron Rushton took us back to Bugbrook to bring the boat back to Evesham. Dinner at The Old Wharf  were the boat was moored. Food excellent. The boat had to be moved from the Marina to the towpath as all access was closed after 6pm.

1st October 1995

AM – Our first night on board, all OK except for my backache. Champagne breakfast and general check left mooring at 11am Boat handled very well going ahead, going astern is a whole different ballpark. The weather was fine and quite warm but windy. Got into a muddle 2 locks from Braunston but no damage done. Arrived Braunston 6pm as planned. A very successful 1st days chug. No disappointments at all. TV picture very good (Brian’s happy). Had dinner at The Plough in the town, good pub grub.

PS Braunston Tunnel – no problems met 2 boats coming the other way didn’t touch boats or sides all the way through.

2nd October 1995

AM- Woke up early and made the tea and coffee, my job on holiday. Went into Braunston Marina to get fuel, gas, water and 2 fenders

Diesel 20.60 £1 per gallon

Gas 32.20 had to buy ‘CALOR’ bottle

Fenders 35.25

Canal map 2.20

PM – Left Braunston at 12.20 very good chug at The Blue Lias Pub 8/10th down Stockton Locks. Weather as yesterday. Arrived 5pm earlier than planned. Good partner down Calcutt Locks and Stockton Locks. Saw a Green Woodpecker.

PPM – 7pm to be accurate, lit the onboard fire as it got a little cold writing this at 7.25 pm its very warm now, great.

3rd October 1995

Left ‘Blue Lias’ at 9am prompt in fine weather although a little chilly. We teamed up again with ‘Catsbells’ a 52foot narrowboat owned by J&L Baker from Harefield. A good day today with not too many locks. The Bascote Staircase is interesting going from one lock directly into the next. Both boats go together then through the countryside to Leamington where we stopped for provisions and boat things.

Fire Companion set £9.00

Broom, Bathroom baskets, bits & bobs £9.63

At 3pm we left for Warwick going through very dirty canal, stopped at Kate Boats purchased stern grease small jar £3.00 and 5 liters of engine oil £7.50. We arrived at the top lock Cape Locks at 5.50pm just as it started to rain. We are now moored up and we are going to eat on board tonight. Omelet's prawn or cheese, roast potatoes, peas and cream cakes for pudding. In the six years or so we have been boating, this is the first time we have ever had dinner on board, with no trip to the pub. I’m not looking forward to bed tonight as I get terrible backache. The only problem so far with the boat.

4th October 1995

Left mooring at 9am and headed for Hatton Locks, which we entered at 9.50am. We once again teamed up with ‘Catsbells’ pure coincidence, all went very well until 6 locks from the top when the wind took ‘Catsbells’ and I had to go astern in a hurry, this I did and I ended up the other side of the pound the wrong way round. 5 minutes later I was in the lock, the only casualty my nerves. Got to the top 12.35pm passed 2 sets of boats on route all OK nice long chugs then through lovely countryside. Brian did most of the steering hit Kingswood Junction at 2pm (not literally) went through without a hitch then down the South Stafford canal to the ‘Fleur-De-Lys’ at Lowsonford, arrived at 5pm as it just started to rain otherwise weather very good, hot and sunny all day, a little windy. Very good meal – Bangers and Mash for me with a pate’ starter, onion rings, mushrooms, cauliflower. Starter for Brian and Wendy,  chicken wings 2 dips and other bits & bobs, followed by rainbow trout and almonds for Brian and pasta for Wendy.

5th October 1995

Left 9.30am for the long trek south to Stafford, very slow, most of the locks were against us, but boat handled well and weather stayed good. Arrived Stratford-upon-Avon 5.50pm moored in the basin, dinner at the Slug and Lettuce, very good as always. Lit the stove it went out, lit the stove again – it went out, once it’s going its very effective but it’s an art to keep it going.

6th October 1995

Writing this at 10.45am outside it’s cold, windy and raining hard. Spending the day in Stratford-upon-Avon. Stayed in the boat all day till after Coronation Street had finished then went to the Kashmire Indian (now called Usha) in Meer Street followed by a pint in the Dirty Duck, the first drink in a pub Brian has ever bought me.

7th October 1995

Weather forecast much the same as yesterday but staying dry till mid-afternoon. We decided to leave Stratford-upon-Avon ultra early to beat the rain. We got up at 6.30am it’s dry, we leave at 7.00am it’s raining and it rained off and on all the way to Evesham. Purchase a special licence from Trevor at Evesham Lock, £25.00 and arrived home at 3.30pm in the wet and the wind. First mooring went very well and she slipped in a treat. Unloaded some of the clothes etc. could not get Wendy off and we slept on board after a trip to the Navigation for supper.

8th October 1995 (Sunday)

E.M.N. Left for Wyre piddle and the Anchor pub at 10am stopped to get water and clean the boat. Brian and Wayne left us at this point to go fishing and we left the water point at 11.30am we were supposed to meet the Haynes family, James and Mark at the pub at 12.30pm. Going much slower in this boat meant we arrived at 1.50pm not popular had a nice lunch fillet steak for me, Stilton ploughman’s for Wendy. The Haynes them joined us on board for the return trip to Evesham left at 3.30pm arrived at 6.30pm H.T.D. 41

10th October 1995

Left mooring 11.15am chugged to the Anchor again. Lovely day. H.T.D. 47

14th October 1995

Went to Sankey for the weekend. Left after work and stayed all day Sunday. Beautiful hot sunny day. Arrived home pm.

22nd October 1995

Sankey for Sunday lunch H.T.D. 49

29th October 1995

Went to Sankey for a lunchtime drink James, his friend, Mark and Mark’s girlfriend joined us at Sankey and returned to the mooring with us on the boat. H.T.D. 50

4th November 1995

Went to Sankey for bonfire party. Stopped overnight, free breakfast on 5th for those staying on their boats and very nice to! Will change water on return journey. Used the New Navigation lights for the first time. H.T.D. 51

12th November 1995

Topped up engine with antifreeze and drained river cooling of water and replaced with neat antifreeze. Engine antifreeze is 1/3 antifreeze 2/3 water. During this period, caught 3 mice, don’t know where they came from, but they like chocolates and chocolates were their undoing on the traps. Lit the fire several times. Watched the water rise and fall a few times. The weather was very cold around the end of December –10c on some nights but all well with the boat.

During the period (early November - late December), caught 3 mice. Don't know how they got on board or where they came from but they liked chocolate and chocolate was their undoing on the traps.

Lit the fire several times. watched the water rise and fall a few times. The weather was very cold around the end of December, -10c on some nights but all was well with Togobo.

31st December 1995

Attempted to start engine, in readiness for possible chug on New Years Day with Val and Mike, Mary and Brian. Electrical problems just a loud "CLICK", Brian said bad connection was the problem. The switch had also melted on one terminal.