Tixall Wide Trip 25/26th January 2003

Narrowboats In Attendance

Lord Toulouse - Pendall Magic - Shy Talk and Uncle Mort

The night before - Andrew Goodland, Sheila Goodland, Mary Perkins, Wendy Dyke and your very own shipping forcaster, Brian Perkins on board Uncle Mort

The Trent and Mersey. Looking it's best on a January Day.


Colwich Lock

 UM Marie Celest

Colwich Lock

Shuggborough Hall

Lesley, Sheila and Andrew

UM About to go into Haywood lock

Shy Talk Follows

The race is on and UM begins to gain on LT

But slows before the Fisherman get wet

Shy Talk marks the finish line

Great Haywood Junction On the way back

The overnight mooring at Great Haywood, by coincidence near the pub:-)