As Time Goes On, Some More Additions

Tiles Added To The Loo Side Panel:

Step To Roof:

Stern Deck Tiles:

Foam Rear Seats:

Inverter Control Panel:

Houdini Cover, There is also a cover with a clear centre section to let light into the galley:


Folding Table:

Cooker Hob Cover, gives extra work surface:


Remodelled inner liner:

Original 'Ford Popular' tunnel light:

Francis Light as I bought it. Rear reflector, reflector holding gasket and one of the glass holding bolts was missing. It had also been 'polished' with something very abrasive, possibly wet and dry!

Another view

Francis Searchlight - Circa 1962 - Re polished and refurbished with newly made parts:


Close up of 'new' bolts:

Finished - A little better, I think you will agree

Well worth all the effort

New curtains in the boatmans: