28 February 2002

The Bow:

And Again:
Saloon Window:

Side Hatch:

And Again:

Side View:

Rear Panels:

Stern To Bow:

Overhead View:

And Again:

Cabin Top:


Prop Mounting, Rudder And Weed Hatch:

The Rather Complex Well Deck, Bow Thruster And Water Tank Arrangement:

Same Area, Different View:

Quiz - What's This?

Top With Holes Cut Ready For Mushrooms:

And Again:

And Again:

Front Steel Doors:

Inside Cabin Looking Aft:

And Looking Forward:

Bow Tube From Inside Cabin:

Bow Thruster Tube:

Swans Neck:

Engine Room:

Prop Connection, Looking Down From The Top:

Front Door 'Ole':

Quiz - Who Is This And What Is He Walking On?