22nd August 2002

This week has seen a brilliant transformation by SMH Artist's Jan And Kevin:

Bow Doors (Jan Deuchar, Scrumbling, Scrolling and Roses and Castle's expert in the background)

Bow Again:

Inside The Bow, Table Support In Final Position:

Port Side Hatches:

Starboard Side Hatches:

From Stern To Bow, Top Sanding Complete:

And Tuther Way:

Engine Room:

Looking To The Stern, Inside The Boatmans Cabin:

Drop Down Table - Boatmans Cabin:

Upper Cupboards, Boatmans Cabin:

Boatmans Cabin And Engine Room:

Boatmans Coalbox And Pigeon Box:

Stern To Bow, Weed Hatch Cover In The Foreground:

Stern Door Detail:

Cabin Top: