20th February 2002 

The Boatyard: (One Moore is on the right)

The Boatyard: (One Moore on the left)

The Boatyard and Glascote Locks:

The Bow: 

And Again:

From The Top:

The Bow Thruster Tube: ("This isn't right, there is a big hole in the hull!")

And Again: (with apologies to Mike Wooding)

The Bow Tube Again:

The Bow Thruster Tube, Inside:

Stern View:

Another Stern View:

Overhead View:

And Again:

From Bow To Stern: (Can't see a ripple)

Another View: (still can't see a ripple)

From Stern To Bow: (there is no ripple)

Side Hatches, Engine Room:

Side Hatch and Houdini In Galley:

An Inside View Bow To Stern:

Another Inside View, Stern to Bow:

Inside The Roof:

Boatmans Cabin And Weed Hatch:

The Stern: